refers solely to the breed of dog, rather than to the cryptocurrency. While the trailer does seem to include a few crypto-related elements, it’s not clear if these are connected to SHIB or not.

SHIB Price Unchanged Despite Rumors

Despite the excitement generated by the announcement of a possible link between SHIB and PlayStation, the SHIB price has remained unchanged. This suggests that the cryptocurrency community is not taking the rumors seriously and that there is little to no chance of an actual partnership between the two entities.
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• PlayStation’s tweet about an upcoming puzzle game called “Humanity” mentioning Shiba Inu has excited SHIB army enthusiasts.
• However, upon closer inspection, the video game does not seem to be affiliated with SHIB cryptocurrency.
• SHIB price has hardly reacted to the news of potential involvement in the game.

PlayStation Releases Trailer for Upcoming Puzzle Game

The official PlayStation account on Twitter shared a new trailer for an upcoming puzzle game titled „Humanity“ yesterday, mentioning Shiba Inu.

SHIB Rumors Excite Cryptocurrency Community

If the video game giant does indeed reference the cryptocurrency SHIB, it would be insanely big news for the SHIB army. However, upon closer inspection, the reality unfortunately doesn’t look like it. While the PlayStation Twitter account wrote that users could play as Shiba Inu, there seems to be no affiliation to SHIB.

Shiba Inu Refers Solely To Dog Breed

A look at the trailer reveals that „Shiba Inu“ is most likely referring exclusively to the dog breed that will serve as a character in the new video game. The game’s website also provides some background information on this: Stranded at the end of the world, people have lost their sense of purpose. You awake as a Shiba Inu and join the people in a series of „trials“ (stages), attempting to guide them towards pillars of light. Fittingly, the new trailer features an opening sequence of a Shiba Inu moving through hordes of people in colorful clothing.

SHIB Not Involved Despite Rumors

Thus, even though a Shiba Inu will be playing a starring character in this video game, it can almost certainly ruled out that PlayStation is planning to launch a SHIB-themed game. Remarkably, PlayStation’s mention of Shiba Inu has excited members of the SHIB army; however its price hasn’t reacted much at all due to lack of credibility behind these rumors.


In conclusion, Sony’s upcoming puzzle game Humanity is using merely using shibe dogs as characters and not related to SHIb Cryptocurrency at all despite what may have been speculated by some members in its community earlier today.