Fight Crypto-Related Crimes: Chainalysis and Deloitte Join Forces

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• Chainalysis and Deloitte team up to help governments fight crypto-related crimes by providing blockchain surveillance.
• The partnership aims to address issues such as obtaining information from foreign exchanges, inconsistent policies across government agencies and the continuously evolving ecosystem of digital assets.
• The team-up will see Chainalysis’ blockchain dataset, analytics software and training program merge with Deloitte’s risk, compliance and investigation services.

Chainalysis and Deloitte Partner to Monitor the Blockchain

Blockchain data platform Chainalysis has teamed up with accounting giant Deloitte in order to help governments fight crypto-related crimes through blockchain surveillance. The announcement was made during the Chainalysis Trace DC event.

Challenges Faced by Government Agencies

Cryptocurrencies obfuscate transactions and launder proceeds of crimes, making it difficult for law enforcement to obtain information from foreign exchanges. Additionally, government agencies are facing inconsistencies in policies across jurisdictions as well as an ever-evolving ecosystem of digital assets which further complicate their efforts.

Combined Resources

The partnership seeks to address these challenges by combining the resources both firms have in their arsenal –Chainalysis’ blockchain dataset, analytics software, and training program along with Deloitte’s risk, compliance and investigation services. This allows them to investigate a variety of activities such as chain-hopping, mixers, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tokens, stablecoins, fiat-to-crypto transactions (and vice versa).

Benefits for Law Enforcement

According to Thomas Stanley from Chainalysis: “For law enforcement agencies, regulators, and financial ecosystem players across the nation, the alliance offers new collaborative solutions that help identify transformation gaps accelerate mission success at enterprise scale; mitigate risk while increasing revenue.“


The partnership between two giants is expected to have a positive impact on governments‘ ability to combat crypto related crime effectively due its comprehensive approach towards tackling existing challenges faced when dealing with cryptocurrencies and digital assets.