refers solely to the breed of dog, rather than to the cryptocurrency. While the trailer does seem to include a few crypto-related elements, it’s not clear if these are connected to SHIB or not.

SHIB Price Unchanged Despite Rumors

Despite the excitement generated by the announcement of a possible link between SHIB and PlayStation, the SHIB price has remained unchanged. This suggests that the cryptocurrency community is not taking the rumors seriously and that there is little to no chance of an actual partnership between the two entities.

• PlayStation’s tweet about an upcoming puzzle game called “Humanity” mentioning Shiba Inu has excited SHIB army enthusiasts. • However,

team to add and the team will also be adding a Hive test for this case. The goal of the Zhejiang testnet is to stress test withdrawals and BLS, a digital signature scheme used to prevent forgery.

Bug on Ethereum Testnet Zhejiang Detected

Marius VanDerWijden Detects Bug on Ethereum Testnet Zhejiang, Tim Beiko Confirms Patchability and Hive Test Addition.

• Marius VanDerWijden, a core developer at Ethereum’s upcoming Shanghai-Capella upgrade, reported a bug found on testnet Zhejiang. • Tim